Welcome to the 2018 Intermountain Section AWWA Annual Conference.

Bryon Elwell

ABS Consulting Inc.
Mr. Elwell is ABS Consulting’s Director Water/Wastewater Practice. He has over 33 years’ experience in civil/environmental engineering. He is a licensed professional engineer with Bachelors & Masters Degrees in Civil Engineering from the University of Utah. He is a licensed Instructor of Sandia’s RAM-W methodology, VSAT trained & helped develop the J-100 standard for All Hazards Risk & Resiliency. His primary focus is on Water/Wastewater Risk Management including Natural Hazards (Seismic, Flood, Wind, etc.) and Man-made Hazards (Malevolent Acts & Terrorism). Typical projects include: All Hazards and Security Vulnerability Assessments & Improvements, Risk Management Planning, Emergency Response Planning, Natural Hazard Mitigation Planning, Design & Construction, Grant Funding, and Training & Exercises. Mr. Elwell currently serves as Chairman of the AWWA IMS Annual Conference Committee and serves on National AWWA Committees for Emergency Preparedness & Security (EP&S) and the J-100 Standard.